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CMD Pwr-Clip

A Stem Mount Probe Clip adapted to mount the Pwr-Nox Battery Pack on the Next Gen Equinox Series

A new version of our popular Round Stem Mount Probe Clip modified for the latest Minelab Equinox metal detectors (700 & 900). It may be opened on its hinge so it can be placed on the upper stem without removing the arm cup. This particular variation has the addition of a mounting screw which will enable you to mount the RNB Pwr-Nox Battery Pack on the new Equinox models.

It features an eyelet for the probe's lanyard, so your pin-pointer will never be far away from your detector or accidentally left behind.

To fit, undo the stainless steel screw with a 2.5mm allen key, open the clip and place around the upper stem in your preferred position, then re-tighten the screw for a firm hold. To add the Power Pack make sure the clip is at the very top against the arm cup rack with the mounting screw at the bottom. Remove the lower mounting screw and clip the power pack to the stem with the clip end against the handle base. Replace the mounting screw through the hole in the clip and screw back into the probe clip's captive nut.

Suitable for:-

When used with the RNB Pwr-Nox Battery Pack.

  • Minelab Equinox 700
  • Minelab Equinox 900

Note that with this clip the power pack won't fit the Minelab Manticore in the same way due to a difference in the design of the arm cup rack. The power pack can be fixed to the Manticore with a thin cable tie through the screw hole. For a probe clip on the Manticore, or 700/900 without a power pack, we recommend our Open Probe Clip.

For the original Equinox (600 & 900) we recommend fitting the power pack in the usual way using the arm cup screw and use our standard round probe clip to mount a probe.