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GPZ 7000

Introducing the MINELAB GPZ 7000, a game-changer in the world of gold detecting technology. This revolutionary detector boasts extreme gold depth capabilities, going up to 40% deeper than its predecessors. Thanks to the innovative ZVT technology, old gold fields are now ripe for exploration once again. The GPZ 7000 offers maximum gold sensitivity, allowing you to find gold others have missed, from sub-gram pieces to elusive ‘retirement nuggets’.

With precision ground balance and enhanced noise immunity, this detector can handle even the most mineralised and challenging terrains with ease. The simple menu system makes operation a breeze, grouping functions under detect and map sections for quick access. You don’t need to be an expert to strike gold with the GPZ 7000.

Enjoy wireless audio freedom with the WM 12 Wireless Module, giving you the option to detect without headphones attached to the detector. The built-in GPS enables efficient ground coverage and allows you to log your finds as you go. The waterproof coil makes detecting in rivers and shorelines a breeze, while the weatherproof design means you can detect in all conditions.

Outperforming both the SDC 2300 and the GPX 5000, the GPZ 7000 features ZVT technology for increased gold sensitivity, a Super-D smart coil for reduced interference, and GPSi for integrated location and time data. With Wi-Stream for reliable audio transmission and maximum sound quality, the MINELAB GPZ 7000 is the ultimate tool for serious gold prospectors.

To watch the Minelab introduction video click the YouTube link below