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GPX 6000

The all new GPX 6000 is the latest, smart, all-gold detector from Minelab. Powered by GeoSense-PI Technology, it is fast, light and simple to use.

Finding gold has never been easier with the automated features and simplified user interface of the GPX 6000. Automatic ground balance adapts to the soil conditions continuously, meaning that you can concentrate of listening to signals, without needing to adjust settings.


Loud and clear audio means that you will not miss a signal, via the in-bult speaker or supplied wireless headphones. The ML-100 Headphones are lightweight and comfortable will full over-ear cups and padded headband. Utilising aptX low latency technology, they can be used wirelessly or with the supplied detachable cable.

New Design

The new GPX design incorporates a light, strong, carbon fibre, fully telescopic shaft, making it light to use and compact to store and transport. The robust weather-proof body offer protection against extreme heat and heavy rain for gold prospecting in the harshest of environments. The result is a comfortable, well balanced gold detector that is built to last.


The Standard Pack comes with a choice of two coils included. The 11" Monoloop is ideal for pin-pointing tiny gold pieces. The 14" DD Coil will give you accurate gold detection in difficult ground. A 17" Monoloop, available separately, will cover more ground faster, detecting large, deep gold nuggets. All coils are waterproof to 1 metre.


Search Modes (Ground Type) Difficult (Default) / Normal

Double-D Modes EMI Cancel (Default) / Conductive Ground Cancel

Ground Balance Auto / Manual (Quick-Track)

Noise Cancel Auto (on start-up) / Manual (as needed, 5 second duration)

Sensitivity Manual (Levels 1 - 10) / Auto (Level 11) / Auto+ (Level 12)

Threshold Tone On / Off

Volume 5 Levels

Length Extended155cm / 61"

Collapsed 68cm / 26.5"

Display Mono LCD with Backlight

Audio Output In-Built Loudspeaker / Wired 3.5mm Headphones / Bluetooth wireless audio (aptX Low Latency)

Supplied Batteries Rechargeable Lithium-Ion (5833mAh)Battery

Runtime Approx 8 Hours

Waterproofing Coils submersible to 1m. Detector splash / Rain Proof

Operating Frequency 1.225kHz

Operating Temperature Min-10°C / +14°FMax+50°C / +122°F

Storage Temperature Min-20°C / -4°FMax+70°C / +159°F

Key Technologies

  • GeoSense-PI
  • Bluetooth
  • aptX Low Latency

Warranty3 Years