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Minelab Commander 15" Mono Search Coil

The 15 x 12-inch Monoloop coil is sensitive to small gold nuggets, has greater depth on larger gold and better ground coverage than smaller coils.

  • Find large deep nuggets
  • Best ground coverage
  • Less mineralised
  • Highly mineralised
  • Water resistant*

Suitable for:

  • Minelab GPX
  • Minelab GP

About Minelab Commander Coils

Find more gold of all sizes and at all depths with Minelab specialist Commander accessory coils.

Gold is found in varying soil locations and depths. This means Gold Prospectors need to use a coil that has the maximum sensitivity to various ground conditions. Whether that’s an 18-inch Monoloop coil for maximum depth or an elliptical coil for restricted spaces - Minelab has created the Commander accessory coil for your performance needs.

What is a Monoloop Coil?

Monoloop coils are a specific configuration of coil for GPX Series MPS technology detectors. These coils have one winding of wire around the circumference of the coil, which is used to both transmit and receive.

The signal pattern of the Monoloop coil is cone shaped, requiring more overlapping. In extremely heavily mineralized grounds they can be more difficult to ground balance, however they achieve greater depth on large gold nuggets and are more sensitive to small gold fragments than Double-D coils.

*Water resistant is defined as: can be splashed, washed, used in drizzling rain, or moved through wet grass. But must not be submersed under water.

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