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Roman coins were used in Britain for nearly 400 years and are common finds in the soil of this country. This book begins with a step-by-step guide to the identification of these fascinating objects and then discusses a range of other aspects relating to them, including a chapter on the often neglected "barbarous" imitations.

Numerous tables and lists, together with approximately 400 photographs make this book not only an invaluable guide for the beginner but also gathers together in one place a stock of information for easy reference. 

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Roman coins and their identification
  • Chapter 2 - Coin legends and understanding the inscriptions on Roman coins
  • Chapter 3 - Portraits and propaganda
  • Chapter 4 - Mints: Differences between mints, mintmarks in the later empire
  • Chapter 5 - Roman coins in the earlier empire, up to 238
  • Chapter 6 - The radiate coinages, 238-296
  • Chapter 7 - The fourth century
  • Chapter 8 - The end of Roman coinage in Britain
  • Chapter 9 - Contemporary forgeries in Roman Britain
  • Chapter 10 - Treatment of coins, preservation, cataloguing etc.

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