BUCKLES 1250-1800

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With over 800 illustrations this book is intended to help with the identification of buckles which are by far the largest category of medieval and post medieval dress accessory to survive. The author has sought to obtain a balance between common and rare, plain and decorated buckles. Each chapter covers the development of a particular group of buckles based on the shape of the frame. The chapters are: Buckle Manufacture, Single Looped Buckles;

  • 1250-1650, Buckles with Integral Plates;
  • 1250-1500, Clasp Fasteners;
  • 1300-1500, Annular Buckles; 
  • 1350-1720, Spectacle Buckles;
  • 1350-1720, Rectangular & Trapezoidal Buckles;
  • 1350-1700, Asymmetrical Buckles;
  • 1350-1700, Two Piece Buckles;
  • 1660-1800, Buckles as Jewellery.

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