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Lindner Large Coin Carrying case with 8 assorted red trays

Large Coin Carrying Case with 8 coin trays in 5 different tray variations for 355 coins
Collecting case in an elegant, black aluminium design. The matching trays are very sturdy and entirely covered in red velours which ensures an easy handling. The eight synthetic feet guarantee a safe stand and protect the table, the shelf, etc from scratches. The case is lockable.
Material and colour Aluminum design
Width 350 mm
Depth 240 mm
Height 90 mm
Suited for 8 trays
Scope of Delivery Case including 8 trays
Assorment of trays (fix assortment) 24 compartments for coins up to 45 mm Ø - 2 x , 35 compartments for coins up to 39 mm Ø - 2 x , 40 compartments for coins up to 34 mm Ø - 1 x , 60 compartments for coins up to 27 mm Ø - 2 x , 77 compartments for coins up to 24 mm Ø - 1 x
Furnished with lockable, with light velour lined in the lid
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